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    How to Follow Through

    Not long ago,¬† I learned two new things that have really stuck with me: 1. The ancient Greek word akrasia, which describes our tendency to act against our own best interests.¬†Akrasia is at the…

  • New Directions

    The Myth of The Right Time

    Two of my students this semester are non-traditional. That’s the academic way of saying they didn’t complete college in the years between 18 and 23. They’re both in their thirties, both mothers of teenage…

  • New Directions

    Fear of Failing

    Because I’m a professor, I spend my days around a lot of people who are doing things for the first time. Many of my students are new to college. Some are planning to travel…

  • New Directions

    A Woman’s Guide to Self-Reliance

    Every spring I teach a course on the American Dream. That means I have the same conversations on this topic with some regularity. For instance, I can always count on a heated discussion of…