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    Jump and See

    Do you have a motto—words that you try to live by, or words that express the way you live your life? I know many people who use pieces of scripture for that purpose (although…

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    How to Pack the Perfect Carry-On Bag

    This post contains affiliate links. Are you a carry-on-only person? In this era of pay-to-check baggage fees–and serious restrictions on what you can bring into the cabin of an airplane–more people are moving in…

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    June Challenge: 30 Days of Photos

    One of my goals for the summer was to spend more time being creative–specifically, making art. I think that goal was inspired (at least in part) by last month’s 31 Acts of Courage challenge.…

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    The Road Not Taken

    Chances are, you know the Robert Frost poem with which this post shares a title. What you may not know is that it’s one of the most widely misread poems in the world. (This…