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    New Ken, Same Old Barbie World

    Have you heard about the recent release of a new line of Ken dolls? They’re part of toy giant Mattel’s efforts to bounce back from a pretty serious sales slump. At first, I was…

  • Recipes

    Homemade Dill Pickles

    Mike and I were doing our usual Costco run last weekend when I saw bags of baby cucumbers in the cold room. This reminded me of three things: I love dill pickles. It’s summer,…

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    Things I Did Right as a Mom

    We’re just a week away from Mother’s Day–a complicated day for many people. I have friends who are estranged from their moms, mother-friends who are grieving the loss of children, friends who are struggling…

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    In Praise of Quantity Time

    As a mom who worked full-time while my kids were small, I worried a lot about how the attention I devoted to my career might have a negative impact on them. At the same…

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    April Challenge: 30 Days of Downsizing

    I hope you’ve been enjoying this year of challenges on She Dwells. If you haven’t been following along, we’ve challenged ourselves to prioritize personal wellness, independence, and thinking about others. Now that April is…

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    Family Secrets

    Does your family have a secret? My guess is that it does, even if you don’t think so. Often those secrets come to light after someone has died, at which point those who’ve been…

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    Real Life Romance

    It’s Valentine season again. If I had a least favorite time of year, this would be it. I don’t have anything against romantic love–far from it. My marriage has been one of the happiest…