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Great Gifts for the Homebody

I’ve written (several times) about the fact that I’m a hardcore introvert. Truth be told, there is nothing I love more than a quiet night at home. This is a part of myself that I had to learn to love because, in spite of the fact that I never felt like anything was wrong with me, I spent years being told I was weird for not wanting to go out. Or boring. Or anti-social. But it turns out non of those things are true–I’m just a homebody.

And as far as I’m concerned, being a homebody is vastly underrated. It isn’t boring to stay home if you’ve created a living space that reflects your interests. If it’s also filled with the things and people you love, so much the better. But most homebodies understand that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being alone. In fact, I look forward to an evening on my own. When you’re comfortable with yourself, it’s easy to be comfortable by yourself.

If there’s someone on your gift list who prefers a quiet evening with a book or movie to a night out with friends, I can almost guarantee that person will appreciate one or more of these holiday gifts.


These items are available in many locations, but Old Navy is my go-to supplier for loungewear. They always have cute patterns, and everything is inexpensive (which might mean you can buy more than one item–perhaps pants and a top? It’s possible the homebody in your life isn’t obsessive about wearing matching clothes while at home, but I am. Then again, I’m obsessive about everything.) If you’re unsure about sizing, err on the side of relaxation. Remember, these are clothes for wearing around the house. Loose-fitting is absolutely not a problem.

Cozy socks or slippers are another must-have item for the homebody. I am a huge fan of these shea-infused socks from Bath and Body Works. They’re soft and silky even after the shea butter has washed out, though it lasts a long time.

Mugs and Drinks

I mentioned mugs in my Great Gifts for Book Lovers post, but something to go in that mug is always welcome. I love World Market for interesting flavors of hot chocolate, tea, and coffee, as well as syrups to flavor those drinks. And if you don’t already have a mug picked out, World Market has a great selection of those as well. I’m particularly fond of this one.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Homebodies tend to be crafty people–not always, but often. If you know that the homebody on your list has a particular interest,  something in line with that interest is always a thoughtful gift. Last year, for instance, I received a lovely handmade pouch designed to holding crochet hooks of different sizes, making it easier to find the one I need when I’m working on a project.

Coloring books and colored pencils are almost always a good choice, especially if the coloring book is focused on a particular interest of the recipient–animals, travel, Bible study, etc. I’ve seen coloring books of every sort at my local Michael’s store. A new journal and some drawing pencils might also be welcome. I always love the possibilities suggested by a fresh new journal.

Games and Puzzles

Most years, my family–all dedicated homebodies–collaborates in putting together a large jigsaw puzzle. It occupies our dinner table for about a week, during which we camp out in the living room, picnic-style, at meal times. That whole process is part of our holiday tradition, and I really missed it when we decided to skip the puzzle last year. (We were still recovering from the trauma of our defeat the previous year, when we chose a much-too-difficult and much-too-large puzzle.)  If you go this route, I highly recommend a puzzle by Ravensburger.  Poor-quality jigsaw puzzles have too many similar pieces and quickly grow frustrating, so avoid going cheap if you can.

We also love board games–especially games that make us laugh, like Apples to Apples.  (For those with a darker sense of humor, there’s always Cards Against Humanity.) Strategy board games, like The Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride, are also among our favorites.

Pillows and Blankets

Confession: I’m not a big fan of throw pillows. I don’t mention this very often, for fear of having my homebody card revoked. However, this one is simply perfect for the homebody on your gift list. I think this personalized pillow is pretty cool, too. (Since this is a personalized item, order by December 16th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.)

As for blankets, I prefer a cozy knit texture, like this sweater knit blanket from Target. I don’t like fleece throw blankets because, even though they tend to be inexpensive and keep you toasty, they’re also serious conductors of static electricity. Ouch.

Whatever you decide to buy for the homebody in your life, rest assured that it will be appreciated as long as it shows you value their dedication to the great indoors.


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