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  • New Directions

    Jump and See

    Do you have a motto—words that you try to live by, or words that express the way you live your life? I know many people who use pieces of scripture for that purpose (although…

  • Work & Home

    Family Secrets

    Does your family have a secret? My guess is that it does, even if you don’t think so. Often those secrets come to light after someone has died, at which point those who’ve been…

  • New Directions

    Cheese Puffs Change Lives

    Today’s guest post comes from guest author Robin Bisha, creator of Chesire Loves Karma. This post is part of a series called On Her Way–each post features a woman telling her own story in…

  • New Directions

    Holidays, Past and Present

    I have to confess: the holidays are much less hectic (and stressful) with adult children. There’s no pressure to make things magical, or to get your hands on the one gift that will make…

  • New Directions

    How to Follow Through

    Not long ago,  I learned two new things that have really stuck with me: 1. The ancient Greek word akrasia, which describes our tendency to act against our own best interests. Akrasia is at the…