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Five for Friday

  • Mind & Body

    Moving On

    We’re all survivors in one way or another–that’s why we’re still here. Perhaps you’ve survived a serious illness. Or an unexpected change of career. Or the breakup of a long relationship. No matter what…

  • Summer
    Mind & Body

    The Joys of Grownup Summer

    When I was a kid, summers always seemed endless. That might be because, as a survivor of a 70’s childhood, I was charged with finding ways to occupy myself every day. Both of my…

  • Gifts
    Mind & Body

    Five for Friday: Crazy Days Edition

    All right, we’re in that post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas period between holidays that I fondly refer to as the Crazy Days. The shopping, the non-stop social events, the rich food and holiday beverages . . . all…

  • Mind & Body

    Five for Friday, Holiday Prep Edition

    It’s mid-November, and you know what that means: the holiday season is literally right around the corner. I’m looking forward to having some time off for Thanksgiving next week, but still–the holidays can be…

  • Recipes

    Five for Friday: Pumpkin Recipes Edition

    I’ve already sung autumn’s praises in a previous Five for Friday post,  but today I’m getting up close and personal with my favorite harbinger of the season: the pumpkin. Whether you use them for…