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    This Is Your Life

    This is your life: You are born into a family with a history. One child has already died. As children themselves, your parents endured abject poverty. Their greatest fear, now, is loss of control.…

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    The Truth About Aging

    If you watch any amount of television, then you know there’s a whole category of ads aimed at women of a certain age. Those ads are far too polite to mention that age, of…

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    Five for Friday: Crazy Days Edition

    All right, we’re in that post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas period between holidays that I fondly refer to as the Crazy Days. The shopping, the non-stop social events, the rich food and holiday beverages . . . all…

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    Making Peace with Perfectionism

    Perfectionism isn’t anything new for me. I’ve been my own worst critic for as long as I can remember. As a perfectionist professor, leaving a class and thinking things didn’t go as well as…

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    How to Go Gluten-Free

    A few years ago, a friend called me with some news. Her daughter had just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. A doctor had recommended a gluten-free diet as part of her treatment plan. “How do…

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    Recovering from Soft Addictions

    What stands out when you read the title of today’s post? For me, it’s the word “addictions.” It conjures up all kinds of unpleasant imagery: people living in despair, out of control, harming their…