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    This Is What High-Functioning Anxiety Looks Like

    Disclaimer:¬†This post is for informational purposes only. If you’re struggling with anxiety, seek the help of a qualified medical professional.¬†   Depression and anxiety run in my family. My mom struggled with them for…

  • Pressure
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    Under Pressure

    As of this fall, I’ve been teaching English at universities for 31 years. That’s a lot of fall semesters to have under your belt–a lot of back-to-school energy and saying goodbye to the slow…

  • Mind & Body

    Get Over Yourself and Get Going

    Last year, my neighbor Sam passed away unexpectedly. Though Sam and his wife had been like surrogate grandparents to them, neither of my kids were able to attend his memorial service. So when my…

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    This Is Your Life

    This is your life: You are born into a family with a history. One child has already died. As children themselves, your parents endured abject poverty. Their greatest fear, now, is loss of control.…

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    The Truth About Aging

    If you watch any amount of television, then you know there’s a whole category of ads aimed at women of a certain age. Those ads are far too polite to mention that age, of…

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    Five for Friday: Crazy Days Edition

    All right, we’re in that post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas period between holidays that I fondly refer to as the Crazy Days. The shopping, the non-stop social events, the rich food and holiday beverages . . . all…