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  • Work & Home

    3 Empowering Ways to Think About Work

    A few days ago, I mentioned to someone that I’m a professor. “That’s so cool,” she said. “I always wanted to be a teacher.” I pointed out that she already is. She teaches Sunday…

  • New Directions

    Remember Who You Were

    When I think about being a kid, three things come to mind right away: riding my bike all over Boise, Idaho; singing in various choirs; and drawing. I live in a busy city these…

  • New Directions

    Developing Your Wings

    How many times have you done something really scary? I’m not talking about bungee jumping or cliff diving (although if you’ve done those things, they certainly count.) I’m talking about the sorts of things…

  • Mind & Body

    This Is Your Life

    This is your life: You are born into a family with a history. One child has already died. As children themselves, your parents endured abject poverty. Their greatest fear, now, is loss of control.…

  • Mind & Body

    The Travel Paradox

    All my life, I’ve lived with this paradox: I love exploring new places, but I hate to travel. This is true in spite of the fact that I spent many huffy teenage hours at…

  • Mind & Body

    Wearing It Well

    Last week I went to my stylist for my usual haircut and color. This time, though, I told her I was done coloring my hair. I expected her to try to talk me out…