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  • Mind & Body

    Good Advice

    I’ve been pretty lucky in my life: I’ve had a lot of really good advisors. Some of them were thrust into that role through obligation (my parents, for instance.) Others just took it upon…

  • New Directions

    Fear of Failing

    Because I’m a professor, I spend my days around a lot of people who are doing things for the first time. Many of my students are new to college. Some are planning to travel…

  • Mind & Body

    Get Over Yourself and Get Going

    Last year, my neighbor Sam passed away unexpectedly. Though Sam and his wife had been like surrogate grandparents to them, neither of my kids were able to attend his memorial service. So when my…

  • Mind & Body

    A Sense of Place

    Last month, Mike and I were driving home from an event in downtown San Antonio. We were making our way through a part of town we’d visited more often when our kids were young,…

  • Mind & Body

    Five Ways to Feel Better

    Last week, I offered some suggestions for moving on from the difficult moments life presents. When we’re in the throes of trauma, sometimes taking a single step forward feels overwhelming. But once you get…

  • Advice
    Mind & Body

    Giving Good Advice

    I’ve written in the past about the good advice I’ve received from various people in my life. Last week, I wrote about how to avoid unsolicited advice. Today, I’m going to round out the…

  • New Directions

    A Woman’s Guide to Self-Reliance

    Every spring I teach a course on the American Dream. That means I have the same conversations on this topic with some regularity. For instance, I can always count on a heated discussion of…