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  • Mind & Body

    Are You Ready to Brave the Journey?

    This is the time of year when people start pondering their new year’s resolutions. As the old year begins to wind down, we start looking ahead at a blank calendar–a whole year filled with…

  • Mind & Body

    Yes, It Counts. Yes, #Youtoo

    Ever since the wave of #Metoo narratives made its way across social media, I’ve been having lots of conversations about what “counts” as sexual harassment. It’s probably not surprising that women have a hard…

  • New Directions

    The Myth of The Right Time

    Two of my students this semester are non-traditional. That’s the academic way of saying they didn’t complete college in the years between 18 and 23. They’re both in their thirties, both mothers of teenage…

  • Mind & Body

    Life As It Is

    Last week I came across this beautiful thought. It’s an excerpt from the Our Appoinment with Life, a book of Buddhist teachings translated by Thich Nhat Hanh. Do not pursue the past. Do not…

  • Mind & Body

    Moving On

    We’re all survivors in one way or another–that’s why we’re still here. Perhaps you’ve survived a serious illness. Or an unexpected change of career. Or the breakup of a long relationship. No matter what…

  • Mind & Body

    Good Advice

    I’ve been pretty lucky in my life: I’ve had a lot of really good advisors. Some of them were thrust into that role through obligation (my parents, for instance.) Others just took it upon…