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  • Work & Home

    In Praise of Quantity Time

    As a mom who worked full-time while my kids were small, I worried a lot about how the attention I devoted to my career might have a negative impact on them. At the same…

  • Mind & Body

    Learning to Live With Rejection

    When I was in graduate school, I had a classmate who was an excellent poet. She won the departmental award for poetry writing at the end of her first year, beating out even the…

  • New Directions

    New Beginnings

    There’s something about the change of seasons that I find really energizing. It doesn’t even matter which season we’re talking about–something about them makes me feel like new beginnings are always presenting themselves. Now,…

  • Mind & Body

    Silencing Your Inner Critic

    I’ve spent way too much time in my life listening to The Voice. No, not the TV show–I’ve spent almost no time listening to that. I’m talking about The Voice in my head. The…

  • Mind & Body

    Curl Power

    Like many babies, I was born without hair. I stayed bald for the better part of my first year. And I’m pretty sure that was the only year of my life during which my…